Server Admin Commands

All commands below can be used by server admins only

Only the server admin can use the following commands

Notification Commands


Notification Set

/notification set

Sets the channel where notifications for Levelling Up, Leaders Boards and 1% Role will be shown.

? Default Behaviour: will display the notification in the channel the user triggered the notification in

Notification Display

/notification toggle

Set which notification you wish to have turned on and off

House Keeping Commands


View Server Settings


Display the current server settings

Clear On-leave

/clear on-leave

Sets the bot to clear the users data if they leave the server

? Default Behaviour: Off

Clear Server Settings

/clear settings

Return server settings to defaults

! Prompt Confirmation

Clear All User Data

/clear all-data

Clears all user data in the server

! Prompt Confirmation

Level Commands


Set Users Level

/level set

Allows you to set a user to a specific level

Reset User Level/XP

/level reset

Reset a users level and xp to zero

Set Level Role

/level roles

Set the role that should be given when a user reaches that level

Show Level Role

/level show

Shows a list of levels with roles assigned to them

Role Stacking

/level stack

Set if roles should stack or be replaced when levelling up to the next ? Default Behaviour: Off

The 1% Role

/level onepercent-role

Sets the role to be assigned to the Top 1% most active users in your server

XP Commands


Give or Remove XP

/xp set

Give/remove XP from a user

Set XP Modifier

/xp modifier

Set a modifier to a channel or role

View Active XP Modifier

/xp modifiers

View all active XP modifiers on your server

Modifier Stacking

/xp modifier-stack

Sets if role/user modifiers should stack. ? Default Behaviour: Off

Voice XP

/xp voice on/off

Turn voice XP gain on or off

Blacklist Commands


Blacklist XP Gain

/blacklist set

Blacklist a user, role or channel from gaining XP

Show Blacklists

/blacklist show

Show all current blacklists applied

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